How to choose the roof rack

Update Time:2014-08-01
1, select auto luggage rack primary consideration is the safety of the product. Where the emphasis on product safety brand products will be on sale rigorous testing and obtain the relevant certification, more authoritative product safety testing and certification criteria are German TUV certification by the certification of products allows consumers worldwide buy, but through the certification brand mainly foreign brands, including Thule, cool off, Ed music and other domestic brands in addition to armor-dimensional TUV testing standards to establish a testing center, the product gradually through TUV certification, there is little brand for strict control of product safety, which is why we feel the domestic brands to low-cost reasons.
2, note that the maximum load car luggage rack can afford. Carrying capacity ultimately depends on the design of the bearing capacity of the roof, it is recommended so as not to overload. Such as armor-dimensional, directly to each product clear that products bearing weight, very convenient reference.
3, note that compatibility car luggage rack. It depends on the equipment of the roof fixed manner.
4, pay attention to drag wind noise. More and more attention to the process of moving riders drag wind noise problem, the drag will increase fuel consumption, but also bring wind noise.
5, compared to the appearance and styling. The traditional roof racks are on both sides throughout the type design, the bar will extend from the roof to the sides, this style of car luggage rack and body need to consider the overall coordination, is beautiful; Some brands have original factory style car luggage rack, like a car customized, same as you can carry, both beautiful and practical, such as the Great Wall of Harvard M2.
6, clear understanding of their purpose. If you buy a car luggage rack use is purely for work carrying and want to carry space better, then obviously both sides throughout the traditional type roof rack is more suitable for you. If you install roof rack and hope for the occasional roof rack can carry long-term stay in the roof, both strong and beautiful, you can select the new car luggage rack.
7, consider the future cost. Some brands of car luggage rack is open to sell, bar, rack feet, fixtures and even lock cylinder and keys need to be purchased separately assembled together, would like to use the time change trains future, there are a few parts need to be replaced and spent a lot of money; market needs is compatibility, cost-effective products, such as armor-dimensional, cool off, etc. are already assembled sales approach not only reduces the installation difficulty users also reduces the cost.
8, theft and other user-friendly design. Including the lock cylinder and key design is reasonable? Assembly and installation is easy? Are destructive of installation? How anti-theft performance?
9, selected to understand the focus parameters. Brand, price, cost, materials, fixation methods, the use of noise size, aesthetic level, carrying weight, safety lock, outside dimensions adapted models, whether with skylights, rack foot height, the actual loading or for decorative appearance.
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