Care and Maintenance

Update Time:2014-08-01
1, do not overload luggage rack, pay attention to the actual load weight and the car carrying the weight of the luggage rack;
2, note that luggage rack to install the lock cylinder and key, and use the lock and remove the key to make sure.
3, aluminum alloy roof rack will not rust, but it will exist in the use of slow oxidation, rain or wash water containing acidic or alkaline substances, but also on the surface of a certain erosion, a long time there will be a slight stain this is a normal phenomenon.
4, when carrying heavy items or other hard metal items, likely to cause minor scratches on the aluminum rails, is normal wear and tear.
5, be sure to use the seal has been installed on the bar, in order to play the role of dust and reduce wind noise.
6, after the luggage rack installation, does not require frequent removal. Because the roof of the car for the ordinary, the frequent disassembly luggage rack might hurt the paint; set aside for the use of fixed-point mounting of the car, it has the potential to frequent dismantling parts of the screw fixing points harm, so Although all be removable luggage rack, but when the choice is still fixed on the roof to do long-term preparation.

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