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Installation automotive anti-skid chains

Installation automotive anti-skid chains

Update Time:2014/8/1
Step one: Prepare your car

The best you can to install and remove the chain in the driveway or some relatively safe place. Of course, when you have to install or remove in the way, be sure if the street safe and flat sections. No matter where you want to make sure that the front of the car and the car to yourself to stay at least 10 feet of open space, allowing you to have enough space to move the chain. At the same time on your hands before anywhere near touching the tires, make sure that you have started your parking brake has to avoid accidents. As an additional protective measures from the tires with wood sticks, not a bad note. Lastly, but equally important is to clean out the excess snow on your tires.

Step two: Start the installation chain

First, make sure your car is on the front or rear-wheel drive, because the chain must be hooked on to play a major role in the group of tires. When you know what you need to set the tires on the application of the chain, as far as possible to clean out the snow around the tires, came up with a flat surface. The chain rolled under the car, the even first gear each chain on the ground against the tires. Confirm chain studded side toward the ground, which is part of the chain from the maximum traction.

Step three: the chain clenched (or out of)

If you are a rear-wheel drive car, you have to clench the chain backwards. If the front wheels, it is necessary to move forward. Check to see if the tires are fixed for each of the chain, each side lap a wave gear. Then the car, start the engine, slowly, carefully took the car forward or backward chain around 2 feet.

Step four: Fixed chain

Once your tires squarely placed on the chain, to pull out the lap at the top of the tire port. Each side must be fully consistent with the whole apparatus of a chain of gears. Give yourself 1-2 inches of room, and two through the chain link on the side of the device bolted.

Step five: Protection Chains

Each chain of the rubber ring has four uniformly distributed in the metal around the hook. At the edge of the tire hubcap metal hooks are each way to cross the intersection fixed. This ensures that your chain will not slip.

Step 7: Start

Now the chain should have security installed, can provide you with traction on snowy roads. However, do not think you can guarantee your chain speeding motorists in harsh environments. Start slowly, pay attention to the sound of the car, it may remind you loose chains or tires not installed (question about the chain problem). No matter how safe their use is, will be equipped with tire chains are traveling at 40 miles per hour would be unwise.

Step 8: Removing the chain

Bad weather will not last forever, so when the snow is no longer the time, the chain should be on your car disassembly out. Whether in any case, do not take the chain driving on roads without snow, it will seriously damage your tires.

Removing installed simply much better than the chain. Steps to do just the opposite, remove the chain, and then store them in a dry place left to use next winter.

Use anti-skid chains should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) The best 安好 chains before travel, but do not install in the face of snow and ice, as temporary parking install snow chains than the earlier installation trouble, is not conducive to safety. Installation and removal of vehicles parked in front to the safety zone. As a busy road, you need to set the necessary traffic warning signs.

(2) Do not install snow chains in case of a flat tire.

(3) anti-skid chains have size limits, respectively, for different wheel sizes and tire width, wheel size attention to the selection and matching chains.

(4) After installing snow chains, travel speed is generally not more than 50Km / h, while driving, avoid sudden braking, emergency advance, sharp turns and continuous idling behavior.

(5) in the non-snow road traffic and avoid walking in the material and bad driving on dry roads with sharp knife, when the vehicles on the road without the use of snow chains please shed snow chains.

(6) anti-skid chains are not for trailers, tractor design.

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