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Luggage rack installation methods

Luggage rack installation methods

Update Time:2014/8/1
Luggage rack installation methods:

1 Clean the roof

Rain trough around the roof clean, preferably with a cloth moistened with alcohol, no alcohol, water can, pay attention: the process of cleaning the roof not to force too much, so as not to damage the paintwork.

2 luggage rack assembly

Luggage rack accessories for the new purchase is packaged separately, so it must be installed at both ends of the black corner aluminum luggage rack rod, note the installation angle of the front and rear direction, generally longer or larger angle is installed in the car front-end, and then tighten the screws, the screws are generally standard.

3 plastic luggage rack horns

Our standard luggage rack is the original plastic, plastic is double-sided adhesive, glue side first tear paste it in the luggage rack of rubber head, pay attention to the first corner before gum paste for a good head size, standard plastic size is consistent with the angle of the head, not a mistake, after it posted a good hard pressed flat.

4 fixed installation location

The two roof luggage rack placed,, end of the tailgate from the roof of that crack about 5cm, the side from the inside of the black rain trough end about 1 cm. Note: The luggage rack is not mounted on a rain trough, but the rain tank installed at a distance of about one centimeter medial position.

5 installation

After the installation will be a good location, will put a roof luggage rack, and then under close watch to see if the location is appropriate, if inappropriate then adjusted to determine the final position until well after the water pen mark. After determining the location, installation, installed with a beat after about 20 seconds and you're done. (It is recommended to install two people packed together, so saving time and effort)
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