Types of anti-skid chains

Update Time:2014-08-01
1) chains --- some steel chain, using a wide range of such chains, the most classic is the most common kind. Advantages and disadvantages of a glance, the advantage is the price is very cheap, strong and durable. The disadvantage is that noise, disassembly difficult, relatively heavy, terrible tire wear is more serious. In addition to tire chains because both sides are wire fixation, the exposed surface of the front and rear tire chains freedom of movement, in the course of anti-skid chains - Ground - relative movement between the tires so much damage has been described as the tire rasp like throat tires. This chain has a simple trapezoidal shape and diamond, the former with the latter is more for trucks car use, using the results better than the trapezoid diamond, due to the chains of a fixed point than trapezoidal chain so the tires to wear diamond less. Ordinary car diamond chains about 140-180 yuan (one / two tires), there are 80 cheap about. This iron chains are now gradually withdraw car supplies market, is replaced by the following two kinds of anti-skid chains. The disadvantage is easy to damage the tires.
2) --- This is a strand tendon PVC, PP, PT chemical mixture is a relatively recently developed modern vehicle anti-skid device. After opening a whole is like a scarf like the middle of several diamond pattern several pieces of cloth above the nail, easy to install as long as the anti-skid chains tile on the floor, the car slowly open up and then pocket it can be fixed on the drive wheels. Appearance is very beautiful, the price 260-390-500 yuan (one / two tires). With the weather changes and price of raw materials and float. The disadvantage is easily broken.
3) Rubber chain --- the rubber chain shape and tendon chains are similar, just use good quality rubber may have a strong pull, then there is arranged in rubber tensile strength nylon wire. As manufacturing tires similar, pull-resistant nylon yarn plays and strengthen the role of the non-slip rubber has played the role of nails. Although similar in appearance but obviously the whole tendon chain and mesh must be greater than the thickness of tendon chain. This rubber anti-skid chains on snow days and climbing is useful, prices usually 260--450.
4) rope chains
Is the recent 1-2 years before the domestic sales of the U.S. SCC rope chains. Refer to "My Music" video site Search Team Leopard SCC chains or the United States each specification has described below, as well as video, installation and display. Feature is not necessary to use jacks, three minutes fast installation. And life expectancy is three times the other anti-skid chains, using manganese alloys. Rational design. Both sedans and SUVs affordable high.

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