prepare for snow chains

Update Time:2014-08-01

    Snow chains are generally made ​​of steel chain or chains made of rubber, the principle is simple, easy to install, very practical. 
    According to the structure of the anti-skid chains can be divided into two types: one is already connected into the hood-like chains; Another cross a few separate chains installed, it is relatively simple and cheap, but easy to install as good as the former.
    Install snow chains This is a majority of people in their lives may never be used skills courses. But as living in cold climates you, it is very useful. Sounds like it might make people cringe, but in fact the installation and removal of the chain is a very fast process to complete even in cold weather. With 15-30 minutes, under the guidance of experts, you'll be able to in the winter safe and reliable traveling.

    What you need:
    A chain (for your tire size)

    A work gloves

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